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Christian Beliefs Made Simple

Alpha to Omega - Panorama of Christian Faith

(1)God created the entire human race for eternal life [Titus 1.2]. When Adam and Eve sinned they forfeited our birthright to live eternally. Christ Jesus died to pay for their mistake and arose to restore the birthright by His Word and the Holy Spirit. Receiving the Word allows the Holy Spirit to regenerate us-to become the Sons of God [John 1.12]. How does the natural person come by "saving" faith? Answer in [Romans 10.6-13].[Adam lost his birth-right to Jesus as Esau lost his birth-right to Jacob and as our "old man" according to the flesh must lose out to the "new man" in Jesus Christ.]

(2)According to Paul [Rom 12.1-2], submitting to God results in receiving the Seal of the Holy Spirit, the earnest of our hope of eternal life [Eph 1.13-14], accomplishing the fulness of our rebirth. [John 3.1-8]. You may know by this means [2 Cor 13.5-7] and by this means [Rom 8.16] whether you are of the Elect. Those who turn away from the truth that is in Christ can be considered "still-born" or "voluntarily self-aborted."

(3)People in every generation since Adam who have never heard the Gospel will be judged justly. Some, the sheep of Mat 25, will be saved and others, the goats of Mat 25, will perish. To deny this is to deny the very words of our Lord Jesus and denyers are in a serious state of reprobation unless or until they repent, but these have never yet been chosen. They are in danger of being aborted.

(4)The Elect are those who are predestined to eternal life [Eph 1.4]. He has chosen us who believe now IN HIM. No one is ever chosen to be re-born, hence Elect, before they have ever been born of the flesh.

(5)Paul [Rom 8.38-39] says nothing in all Creation can separate the Elect from God-this includes the believer’s freewill which was created by God and surrendered back to God when we receive the earnest of our expectation [I Cor 6.19-20 and Eph 1.13-14].

(6)The Elect have a special role to fulfill on Judgment Day [I Cor 6.2-3], judging the world and angels. They are not among the Sheep and Goats who have different destinies and rewards and punishments [Mat 2 5.31-46]. Moreover, the Elect are a Priesthood [I Pet 2.5-9, Rev 1.6, 5.10, 20.6] ministering in the here and now. Additionally we are Kings in this era and rule by overcoming the world by faith in Christ.

Be "Disciples Indeed" [John 8.31-32] and faithful to the Scriptures.
Do not trust in your own ungrounded assumptions [I Cor 1.18-31].

Now abides, faith, hope and love.


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comments: John Bristol said...

Adam to Jesus

Adam was either the first human being created or the last human being created. Compare Gen 1 and 2 and you will see that it can be argued either way. But if others were created before Adam, then by their destruction by the Great Flood of Noah, all but eight people perished. You can believe that by racial intermingling Noah and his family carried all the DNA coding necessary to account for all the current different races (kinds) of people. In any case all the genes of the entire human race existed in Adam and Eve and were carried into our present world by Noah and his family. Included in those genes and in their DNA were the genes and codes for each of us and especially for Jesus. If Shem was the only child to carry the Savior's genes, this is the reason he was also chosen to head the Semitic races. God has always protected this race for the sake of His coming Son and thereby for the sake of the ENTIRE human race.

We are all the siblings of Jesus according to the flesh, but Paul tells us this is no longer important for the race and especially for believers.

God predestined all humanity to eternal life, but Adam messed things up. Jesus came at the appropriate time to say and do those things necessary for our salvation--not for believers only, but for the entire human race.

Everyone's name, therefore, has been written in the Book of Life (Everyone's DNA is in this book)and except for sin and death everyone would live forever. But by sinning we can get our names removed from this book. For the Elect Church of our Lord Jesus Christ there is a separate book called the Lamb's Book of Life. Anyone whose name is written in this book by way of the New Birth in Christ will never have his/her name removed.

December 27, 2007 8:54 PM

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